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File Manager Slideshow
This feature easily adds an interactive slideshow to your articles using an Element.
Label: The priority if needed
Name the folder
Write a brief description of whats in the folder and where it is used on the site
Click add folder
Click the Upload a new file to this section link

Time saving steps
Get all your files together
Rename all your photo files to something other than a number
Make sure all the photos are the same size and are Horizontal or Landscape orientation
Place all photo files in a single folder
Left click or control click and compress the folder containing the images to a .zip file

Under Standard Options click the second radio button This is a bulk upload (.zip files only)
Select the new file folder name you created for the slideshow in the file folder drop down.
Give it a Descriptive Title
Choose: the .zip file
If you gave Amazon S3 same the file there.
We recommend using Amazon S3 for file storage costs and to reduce overages.
*Several options in Publish are integrated with Amazon S3*
If you named your photo files choose: Use the filename in the dropdown
Compress images to reduce storage costs.
After upload you will be taken to the file management page.
Go to Files>>Folders
Under the description heading copy the slideshow element from $dollar sigh to dollar sign$ that corresponds with the folder with the uploaded images.
Paste this element anywhere on your site.

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