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What are Storage Overages on my bill and how do I reduce those?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Depending on your hosting package you may be charged for storage overages if you exceed the package limits. To find out your hosting package go to "Account" link on your Site Dashboard.

For Small Sites
Small Publications
Medium Publications
High Traffic
Large Publications
Mega Traffic
Extra Large Publications

Overages are $4 per 100MB. Unless, you are on High or Mega traffic overages then it's only $3 per 100MB.

We recommend using Amazon S3 to prevent storage overages.
Admin>>Settings>>General Site Settings>>Amazon S3 Settings

You can go to to view your Storage Summary and Storage By Section.

If you have excess storage in Article Images you can delete old images in the Moxie Manager. Edit or create an Article. Scroll to the article text box. Click the insert/edit image icon or Go to Insert>>Edit Image.

You may also want to delete PDFs in file manager and old Advertisements to reduce storage.

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