Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beta?
There are a few cases in Publish where beta features are made available for users. When upgrading your site to the current version of publish the version number and release note will be listed.
To upgrade click: Continue With Upgrade
We may ask that you to test new features for us. To do so check Upgrade this module using the available Beta Release

This is a per request feature and should not be checked under normal circumstances.
If you consent to beta testing we may even upgrade to the available beta release for you.

When you continue with upgrade with beta unchecked you may still see (beta) next to options in the dropdown menu. This is a feature we are currently testing and improving. We would like your feedback if this feature suits your business needs. This feature is available on all publish sites for use with standard upgrades.


 Last updated Tue, May 27 2014 11:00pm

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