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How do I wrap text around images in the article text?

If you would like to add more images you can upload them within this article text, unlike with the summary text.
To place an image go to:
Insert>>Insert image
or use the Insert/edit image icon imagein the top row to the right.
Inserting an image will place the image where the cursor is placed in the text.
Resize by dragging the points in after selecting the image.


The text will flow on the same line as the image or below it.

In order to get the text to wrap around the image, simply, select the image,
highlighting it and click the align left or align right icons in the second row to the right.
Format>>Formats>>Alignment>> Left or Right.
You may notice there is not enough space from the image to where the text meets.

Adding Space between the image and the text that wraps around it

Once the text is flowing around the image select it again, highlighting it,
and click the Insert/edit image icon .
Note the two tabs at the top of the Insert/edit image pop up.

& Advanced
Insert the image within the text. Select the image and align right or left.
Click Advanced
For Horizontal Space put 10
In the top style field is the css. It reads float: left; margin-right: 10px; margin-left: 10px;
If the image is aligned left, you may want to remove
margin-left: 10px; to get rid of the space before the image.

How to add a caption to the images within the text

To do this you will need to create a table inside the article text.
Use the Table icon the last icon in the third row.
Go to: Table>>Insert table,
hover over the first block in the first row and column then
move the cursor down to select the first block in the second row,
second block in the first column and click.
Click the table and extend it a bit by dragging the points.
The first row of the table is for the picture the second row is for the caption

This is an image and a caption in a table in the article text.

Click the cursor/insertion point in the top row and
then click the insert/edit image icon. Type the caption in the second row of the table.
To wrap the text around the table select the table, highlighting it, with points around it.
Go to:Table>>Table properties Select Left or Right in the Alignment dropdown
To add space between the table and the text
Put 5 for the Cell padding in the Table properties.

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