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Article Templates
This feature is useful when you want to create a more stylish presentation for your news site
OR Target an Ad to an article.

Go to: Design>>Article Templates
Clone the Template: Make a copy of the sites default template
Default will be labeled Y Click the imageDouble Page Icon under actions next to the template Defaulted Y. (Third Icon. Hover text reads: Clone Template)
The clone will rename (copy)
Edit the (copy): Click the imagePencil Page Icon under actions next to the (copy) template. (Second Icon. Hover text reads:Edit Template)
Edit the template name EXAMPLE: Ad w/o Related
Related Articles can be removed in Article Templates

For Ad Targeting
Paste all the Ad Group Elements you want to appear in the article. Above or below the original code.
An article ad class may be coded in the template. Locate the $ad group element$ and paste ad group there.
Target each ad individually in Ad Manager.
Save Template

Go to: Content>>Manage Sections
Select the imagePencil Tool Icon to the corresponding section.
Scroll to Section Appearance
Change the Drop Down to EXAMPLE: Ad Template
Use the 'Ad Template' template for articles in this section

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