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Why am I getting so much SPAM?
Enable CAPTCHA on all web forms


CAPTCHA stands for "Completely Automated Public Turning test to tell Computers and Humans Apart." CAPTCHA images are inserted into forms to ensure that an automated "robot" doesn't submit the form. More generally, CAPTCHA images help prevent SPAM submissions. They do this by printing out an image with defangled text that is very difficult for a computer to understand. The user simply reads the code in this image and types it into a form field. As long as they type in the correct code, their submission is accepted.

Bondware CAPTCHAs are accessibility compliant. Users (and/or screen readers) can click on the speaker graphic beside a Bondware CAPTCHA to hear the code read to them audibly. If users have problems reading a Bondware CAPTCHA, they can click the reload graphic beside the CAPTCHA image to get a new code.

Do not put your email on a site as a clickable link. It will become more susceptible to spam.

Got to
Login using your credentials
In the top right corner there is are navigation links

Click Options>>Spam Control

Set the Spam Detection level to 10


Add important emails to the white list.

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