Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post an Ad?
The Ad manager module can be purchase with your Publish site
Go to Admin Home>>Ad Manager
Click Groups in the nav under the Ad Manager heading

Add a Group
Name the group and internal Notes. (You can place several ads in a single ad group)
Click on the Group Name
Click Create an ad


Change the status to 'Active' in the dropdown
Select the ad group in the dropdown
Name the ad
There are 3 Display Methods to choose from
1. Upload an ad image and link it to a website
2. Paste the HTML code EXAMPLE: Google Ads
3. Display ad image will create a link and display the ad in a separate window when clicked.
This option can be used when a newspaper wants to include the print ads on the site, but doesnt want it the display on the site

The Buyer Email is important. An email will be sent to the buyer when the contract expires

The Targeting link is defaulted to Run of Site.
Select the section(s) for this ad to be targeted
EXAMPLE: Target Jane's Flower Shoppe to Obituaries
Set the contract terms.

Click Create Ad
Click Groups in the nav under the Ad Manager heading again.
Under Display options highlight the element from $dollar sign to dollar sign$ and paste it anywhere on your site. The targeted ad will populate in its assigned section.


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