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How do I associate a custom domain name with my website?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Once you have a domain name, you can attach it to a Bondware or a ContentEngine website.  There are two options for doing this. 

1. The easiest way is to configure the Name Servers for your domain as '' and ''.  This will already be set if you purchase your domain through the link above.  Then, post a support ticket at with request to activate your website.

Alternatively, advanced users can setup a CNAME record that points to your Bondware-hosted website ( =>  The example below shows how this would look in GoDaddy's DNS setup when your domain name is "" and your Bondware-hosted sitename is "hbond2".  The end-result is a website accessible as ''.  Again, the final step is to post a support ticket at with request to activate your website.


The "naked domain" (i.e. in this example) can then be forwarded to "" using GoDaddy's Forwarding feature on the domain as shown below.


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