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How do I place the script on my site for Google AdSense?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Google AdSense is an excellent way to generate revenue from your Bondware website. Most news publishers can cover the costs of their website simply by adding Adsense ad positions to the site. Over time, the Adsense ads can be supplemented by direct-sales ads which typically earn command higher advertising rates.

Like most advertising based business models, advertising on news sites starts with publishing unique content about a local community or some niche topic. Google Adsense indexes your site regularly for new content so a regular publishing cycle with strong content and key words tailored for your audience will drive traffic and related revenues for your site.

Publishers can typically expect at least $1/4000 page views. We have seen a newspaper with print circulation of 10,000 earn up to $250/mo using Adsense on a Bondware site with only modest effort.

Bondware support staff is happy to help you with placing ad positions on your website. Interestingly, Google Adsense ads often perform best when placed at the bottom of articles due to how Google indexes the site and places ads that are relevant to the article content.

Getting Started
You will need to purchase your trial and set up DNS with your Domain before Google AdSense will work properly for your site.

How it works
Google will crawl your site and populate the ads in the ad spots where you place the element containing the HTML code.

Using Google AdSense with your Bondware site

You can place Google AdSense anywhere on your site.
Some people use AdSense as a placeholder until the ad spot is sold.
We recommend also using it at the bottom of articles to take advantage of the keywords.
It populates ads that are relevant and interesting to the reader and relates to what the article entails.

Where to place the code

  1. Paste the main AdSense code under Settings>>Analytics/Third-Party Scripts
    You will only need to paste this once.
  2. Go to: Modules>>SmartAd (or Ad Manager)
  3. Edit or Create an Ad
  4. In AdSense go to Content>>Ad Units
    Add a New ad Unit
  5. Paste the code in the HTML box Display Option of Ad Manager or Smart Ad.
  6. Paste the ad element or section group element anywhere on your site.

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