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How do I set up Classifieds so that only members can post listings?
You can set up Bondware Classifieds so that only members can post listings by editing a sub category. This is called Role Based Permissions. It can be more specific than just members. You can set listing post permissions to any of the roles available. Roles that you have set up will show up in the box.

Go to: Modules>>Bondware Classifieds
Click imageCategories in the Classifieds Admin nav.
Add a Category
Under Action for that category click +sub category
Add a Sub Category
Under Action for that sub category click edit
or you can edit an exisiting sub category
Check the box to:
Allow only logged in site members to post listings here.

Select Admin if you only want admin to post classifieds

The default roles listed other than admin, ecommerce admin, approved commenter, and affiliate
are advanced options and very specific cases.

 Last updated Thu, May 15 2014 11:00pm

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