Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my digital edition showing up?
Publishing is not always instant. It takes time to process.

Once you create a digital edition there is a processing time associated with the publishing of active PDFs. It is converting to .jpeg to reduce file size and page turn load time. The amount of time you have to wait is variable.
It depends on the PDF size & page count.

Continue with other things on your site. You can opt to be notified by email once your PDF is finished processing.

Digital Editions intended use is primarily for and most compatible with
newspaper PDFs.

If you are uploading Magazine Publications or layered PDFs, you may experience some issues. Flatten layers when Authorizing and Exporting. Each page flipper has the capacity for only one PDF upload.

Attached is a How to PDF you can use as reference or to test and upload.

Attachments: digital_editions.pdf (4.5 mb) 

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